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Specializing in hotelreservation and tourism to the Pacific Ocean Resort starting from Narita Airport.
The easternmost end in the outskirts of Narita International Airport, and Japan Sightseeing tour to the Pacific Ocean
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 Pacific Ocean Nature

Pacific Ocean Long Beach (Kujuukuri Long Beach)
It can go in about 30 minutes by car from Narita Airport.The vast seashore which amounts to 66 km in full length.It is chosen as the 100th elections of the beach in Japan.The sea which there is nothing that nothing interrupts in 270 fields of view, and merely continues for a long time.A shallow for some distance and large beach is crowded with many sea bathers in summer.If a head top is looked up at, you can see the figure which the airplane which lands to Narita Airport visits from that direction far.
Inubosaki lighthouse
The lighthouse of the white which overlooks the Pacific Ocean is made by 1874, and is still continuing illuminating marine safety.When 99 steps of stairs have been gone up, it is a Pacific unparalleled view there! You can see the circumference of a lighthouse, taking a walk the monument of the famous poet representing Japan.
Kimigahama beach
It is the beautiful beach chosen as "the 100th elections of the beach in Japan."Since the wave is rude, swimming is impossible always, but it is crowded with many couples and family companions who visit Inubo-zaki through one year.
Hill-top Observatory
You really feel the fact that the earth is round on its top Atago hill indeed. Splendour view and 360℃ panoramic expanse of the land and the sea. The beautiful setting sun is seen between winter from autumn, and the starlit sky of the whole sky is a very beautiful place night.
Very long precipitous cliff (Byoubugaura cliff)
It is scenery like California. If a very long white cliff is dyed the morning sun and the setting sun, it will change to a red cliff. A beautiful beach and a yacht harbor. The beach where a wave is quiet is crowded with many sea bathers in summer.
Observation tower (Keibumisaki Observation touwer)
It can look at the scenery of a very long beach and a fishing port. This observatory is a popular site of sunset and a night view! Mt. Fuji is seen at the time of the sunset at the time of the fine weather of winter. After sunset is a place where the night view of a town is beautiful.
Dolphin whale watching Cruise (operation: Choshi Institute of Marine Research)
It is a dolphin whale watching cruise from on the ocean [ in Japan / a few ].And the encounter rates of dolphin whale watching are what and the high probability of at least 70%!The figure in which a wild dolphin and whale, and a fur seal crowd together on the sea is just a goose-bumps thing.
* Leave by seven or more persons. 3500 yen - 7000 yen per person

 A shrine and temple Historical building

Naritasan shinshoji temple (in Narita)
A Buddhist temple with 1000 years or more of history.
In 930,The war broke out in Kanto area. Quell the war that occurred inthisregion, it carries a Buddha "Acala" by ocean shipping from Kyoto, war ended monks to pray. It is a family temple of kabuki actors and famous samurai many.
Approach to the Naritasan shinshoji temple
Approach of Naritasan shinshoji temple Continued from JR NaritaStation is a shopping and gourmet shops of well-established lined lot. There is also a shop that has been designated as an important cultural property is in, there is also a place where you can enjoy both thescenery and taste.
  Shibayama niouson temple (in Shibayama town)
It is a temple of the mountain village feel the atmosphere solemn grand to go 20 minutes from Narita Airport. It is revered since the Edo period as Nio like the only fire-thief removed. Worshipers to pray for safety of travel does not die out in recent years. Was exhibited Haniwa the county designated cultural property "Shibayama HaniwaMuseum" is adjacent to the main hall side.
Katori Shinto shrine ( in Sawara Katori)
Shrine to the guardian of state from Japan Genesis era.
It is famous as a place of oldmartial arts originated inJapan. Visitors to pray for marriage, gold rise of luck, prosperity of the business does not die out.
  Old rows of houses of the Edo period (Sawara and the Ono river cultural-assets preservation area)
Old street that flourished as the city of canals have been preserved as cultural assets in the Edo era.(about 150 year ago) Memorial of InoTadataka made ​​a map that does almost the same current to 200 years ago, building of the old merchant will be dotted along the river. Delicious eel dishes are specialties.
    Golden temple (Inubozaki Manganji temple)
Manganji called the golden temple. It is popular as a temple of the pilgrimage ofJapanese, but travelers from abroad are visiting many of its beauty these days. From the top floor of the temple of Golden, a small local train ride, superb view Inubosaki lighthouse, of the Pacific Ocean you can see.
  Kashima Shinto shrine (in Kashima City, Ibaraki Prefecture
Shrine to venerable from ancient mythology era, along with Katori Shinto shrine.
Reiken which is said to be the god of Kashima is swings to Emperor Jimmuis the first Emperor of Japan, and has been in the peace all over the country will have been on display at the Treasure Museum.
  Japan temple 〈Nichihonji temple〉 (in Tako town)
Famous temple of Japan at a distance of 20 minutes from Narita Airport. Flourished as academic sites of Buddhism (the Lotus Sutra) in1599, and later,has created a monk in the very many extremely well about 270 years and prosperity. Bloom for about 8000 shares of the hydrangea in the precincts in June, aliases are also called hydrangea temple.
  Hankoji temple (in Sosa city)
Is a "university of Japan's oldest" temple of Rissho originated in Japan. Forest of giant cedar trees will continue until auditorium from Somon. It is also known as a showplace of peony May.

 Attractions of flower

Cherry Hill (beginning April) Katori-city,ShiroyamaPark
It is the cherry blossoms of the best in the east of Japan. It is the attraction of going to see cherry blossoms at night sightseeing in the light of the lantern at night.Since it is a place also near the Katori Shinto shrine, a shrine and cherry blossom viewing can be enjoyed.
Cherry Tree (beginning April) Katori-city, Katori Shinto shrine
It is the cherry blossoms along with ShiroyamaPark. It becomes the cherry blossoms is the way to climb the road of gravel from the red gate.
You can enjoy your cherry-blossom viewing while eating of the famous "Dango".
Canal Cherry (beginning April) Katori-city
It is arow of cherry blossom trees of beautiful canals as give a sigh.
It is close to the Katori Shinto shrine. Please visit the canals of this beautiful cherry tree!
Avenue of cherry (beginning April) tunnel of cherry tree Tako-town
It is the scenery of the road the cherry blossoms bloom beautifully. It becomes the "tunnel of cherry tree" when in full bloom. You can go in 15 minutes from Narita Airport.
Cherry Hill (beginning April) Shibayama-town,ShibayamaPark
It is very beautiful park that is filled with cherry blossoms the whole of the hill. You can go in 20 minutes from Narita Airport. It is close to the Shibayama Niouson temple.
Cherry Ranch (beginning April) Narita-city Narita dream ranch
The inside of a farming experience institution and a campsite are filled with a cherry tree in full bloom.It is a popular spot for cherry blossom viewing which photography of a movie or a drama may also be made.
Lake cherry blossoms (Beginning April) Yokoshiba-town Sakata lake park
The circumference of a pond is a beautiful park which fills with the flower of a cherry tree.
It can go in 25 minutes from Narita Airport.
    Yellow rapeseed blossoms (From beginning to end April) Tako town
The rape blossoms which bloom to the in Tako town are beautiful places like a yellow carpet.
You can go in 15 minutes from Narita Airport.
    Peony flower (Beginning May) Sosa-city Hankoji temple
Attractions of peony blooming in the garden of Hankoji temple. Peony flower and temple in the majestic forest look good very.
 Azalea (from the end of April) Katori-city Shiroyama park
ShiroyamaPark, famous for its cherry blossomsis also known as a showplace of azalea. It is a very beautiful flowerred, pink, purple, orange in bloom in whole hill.
    Japanese iris (beginning June from the end of May) Katori-city Sawara Aquatic Botanical Garden
There are 1.5 million shares in the iris gardeni s a flower of the rainy season, Sawara Aquatic Botanical Garden, is the scale of the East. You can enjoy the flowers while riding pleasure boat in the park.
    Hydrangea ( To July from the beginning in June) Tako-town Nichihonji temple
Nichihonji temple famous as hydrangea temple. Large hydrangea flowers in full glory in the precinct. Hydrangea park that can be seen in very beautiful hydrangeas are also in place in the precinct.

  Experience and culture

  Buddhism Sutra-copying experience (Tako-town Nichihonji temple)
Nichihonji temple at a distance of 20 minutes from Narita Airport. This temple was a school of Buddhism, it is possible to experience the Sutras.After the Sutras, and then pray with through pay.
Japanese folk culture experience museum (Unevenness of the Boso
The theme park which can experience from the primitive age of Japan to the present age. Such as tea ceremony experience in the tea room and speculation dressing experience and armor you can experience. It is the Cultural Village, where you can experience all the modern from ancient Japan.
Narita dream ranch
In thisranch, I have manufactured and sold (yogurt, icecream) and fresh dairy products.
Enjoy lunch on the farmand restaurant icecream making experience, take the truck train and enjoy a barbecue and camping.
    Farming experience village Tako-town
Enjoyharvestingofvegetables, and thenstayed in thelog house. There is acampsite.
Local cuisineofJapan "thick rolled sushi" makingexperience, handmadepizzabaked ina stone ovenis popular.
  Auction tour of the fishing port (Choshi fishing port) 
Choshi fishing port is largest catch of in Japan.Every morning, fresh fish a lot of that was caught in the Pacific Ocean is applied to the auction.It is auction of fish that has just been landed can watch it unusual.

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